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    Hello gentlemen,

    I have a problem that my audio is not in sync with video (around 100-200 ms off). I have learned that Libreelec configures a default audio delay of 175 ms for 24p video:

    I am wondering what the background of this is? Is it to compensate for video processing delay in the TV? When connecting the Kodi device directly to a TV then I would assume that the TV handles video processing delays internally anyway so that audio and video will be in sync anyway?

    So for which scenarios is this default delay meant? When using an AVR between Kodi and TV? I was also surprised that the delay is only for 24p material.

    Can someone give me hints about this please? Thanks!

    I have an Intel NUC and I am having the same problem (latest Libreelec, installed yesterday). When I boot Kodi I have no movie-database while the log is saying:

    1. ERROR: Unable to open database: MyVideos99 [2003](Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (101))

    The database is running fine and I am not using name resolution as I entered the IP address into the advancedsettings.xml. I have enabled the "Wait for network"-option but I think it still does not wait long enough.
    When I kill Kodi with "killall -9 kodi.bin" then it will restart with same settings but now the mysql database works fine. So for me it looks like a timing problem on boot, no?
    Well, it seems I have it working now: The default 10 seconds delay was just not enough it seems (naughty NUC being too fast). I have increased it to 30 seconds and now MySQL seems to be working reliably. Too bad to lose >10 seconds when booting because of this :(