LibreELEC (community): nightly-20190902-223b7b0 (RPi2.arm), "date added" for import seems incorrect?

  • I 'faked' a new movie that's never been in my library before, for testing (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) by renaming another file.

    The movie imported in, today, 04/Sept/2019.

    The "Date added" on my database, is apparently "20/July/2019"

    Is this a bug in LibreElec? In Kodi? In the OS underneath?

    Can someone please try and re-create this with a test Pi?

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  • Ok in the interest of being a bit more thorough with my testing.

    I have installed LibreElec OVA virtual machine, totally diff computer (x86)

    Date and time IS correct.

    Brand new install!

    Import of Once Upon Hollywood, this time? 19/July/2019?

    So I'm confused, shouldn't the "date added" be the date added to my LIBRARY?


    Ok it appears the 'date added' library flag is based on the date the file was actually written to disk (total madness, but so be it)

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