RPi3 vs S905X - pros and cons ?

  • I'd like to know if it's worth the money to switch my RPi3's to a decent brand S905X based player (Beelink?)?
    A brand new S905X player costs almost exactly the money that a RPi3 with PS, remote, sd-card, and so on costs.

    Purpose: View streaming media from Netflix, HBO, Youtube, and so on, movies from local movie library (+1000 movies), listen music from local music library (+9000 tracks) and management of photo/picture library (+8000 pictures).

    Any ideas?

  • The question might also be, what do you need it for?

    Do you have an AVR with HDMI inputs and are you able to listen to HD-audio formats like DTS-HDMA or DolbyTrueHD? If yes to all, then some S905 devices might be the better choice, because the RPi is only able to do DolbyDigital or DTS and it´s not able to passthrough HD-audio formats.

    So we need a bit more information about your usecase to give a better answer.

  • Netflix is impossible on any system other than Generic x86_64 hardware and requires you to run the chromium browser.

    In terms of RPi vs amlogic, the RPi has fantastic software support. All the amlogic stuff is very hacky and is stuck on kernel 3.14 as the RPi has mainstream kernel suppport.

    The WeTek Hub is a pretty awesome kit, with built in wifi and bluetooth and a remote all in a nice small package.

    RPi will always get my vote, even if it lacks in some areas like h265 support and whatever.

  • Nothing to add anymore to the above, just that it doesn´t matter how large the libraries are. It´s possible on any system and none does provide a pro or a con for it. Youtube is possible via the Youtube addon.

    The rest is already said.