Repeated crashes, stuck on Safe Mode

  • How do you expect anyone to know what H/W, LE release you are running, or more importantly what changes or addons you have applied. If you can't be bothered to supply the correct information, how can you expect anyone to be bothered to reply?

  • Raspberry Pi 4 2GB running 9.002. No changes applied to any of the addons I had. I assumed everything was in the logs, sorry.

  • Try deleting /storage/.kodi/userdata/profiles.xml, it seems to have become corrupted. We got several reports of this issue, not sure what could be causing that (except for unclean shutdowns, i.e. just pulling the plug).

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  • I had the safe mode bug today at LE 9.1.002 (RPi3B+).

    It happened after I've been added the Kodi Nerds repo, and installed / uninstalled "Amazon Prime Music" from there.

    After shutdown and power on I went into safe mode.

    I did a reboot from SSH, and normal mode worked again. Maybe it helps to find the bug.

    DNB music-addicted finger drummer.

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