Where to find board specification (dtb) in build environment

  • Where can I find the file where is specified which boards are supported? It's already a long time ago I did a libreelec build, but now I want to build a Allwinner H3 with lima support, just for testing. In that days all specific board where in projects -> chipset -> devices. In devices you can chose no the different cpu's but I don't find a file with the supported devices in this category.

    In Lakka for example, it is specified in in the "options" file.

  • OK,

    found it myself, Should be checked in the kernel tree according the "release" file in projects->chipset->devices->bootloader

  • So if I want to build a image for the orange pi lite2, I only have to add

    'orangepi-lite2': {

    'dtb': 'sun50i-h6-orangepi-lite2.dtb',

            'config': 'orangepi_lite2_defconfig'

    in the uboot_helper script under H6?

  • If board is in good enough shape then yes. However, I'm not sure if this board has HDMI enabled in DT. If it isn't, you have to add patch for that in projects/Allwinner/devices/H6/patches/linux

  • Yes,

    indeed, hdmi is not enabled as it uses the same sun50i-h6-orangepi.dtsi as the orangpi_one_plus so it should be the same patch as the orangepi_one_plus minus the ethernet stuff.

    I will have to find out again how diff works, it's already a long time ago I did this kind of stuff...