Wetek Play 2 Frame Dropping

  • Hi guys,

    i hope someone can help me.

    Problem Description:
    Today i encountered a visible Frame Dropping while playing a Video. I started a debug log (see below) and recognized that the CPU was about 350 % (nearly 100 % per core). I already tried to increase buffer size and set the buffermode to 1, but no luck.

    Debug log:





    Wetek Play 2 -> Onkyo AVR -> Thomson TV (set to 1080p at 24 Hz while playing the Video)

    Edit: I forgot the Version:

    LE 9.0.2

    Settings of the Play 2 (can't provide a screenshot):

    Number of Buffers -> 3

    Adjust FPS -> Start/Stop

    Render Method -> auto (greyed out)

    HQ-Scaler -> 20 %

    Hardware-Decoding amcode -> on

    MPEG2, MPEG4, H264 -> everytime

    Video Source:

    Synology DS216j NAS

    Video Info:




    23,98 FPS

    Audio Info:

    MPEG-4 AAC

    Sampling 48000 Hz

    Thanks for the hard work