[How To] Printing from Chrome Browser on LibreELEC X86

  • I recently had the experience of testing printing on ChromeOS.

    What I learned is that , what I did in ChromeOS, would probably also work on LibreELEC!

    SHO 'NUFF!

    Today I tested and yes it does work.

    This was all on x86_64 so I can not speak for other platforms. Might be interesting to test on others!

    What you need:

    An IPP or CUPS printer. Many network printters are IPP already , you may need to enable it. CUPS can run on MacOSX, Raspberry PI or other linux, making most any printer IPP

    Chrome Browser addon in LibreELEC from here

    IPP / CUPS printing for Chrome & Chromebooks - Chrome Web Store (open this from Chrome in LibreELEC)

    After install CUPS IPP addon in Chrome on LibreELEC

    Configure the printer in the CUPS/IPP addon

    My cups address looks like this


    you will need the entire address and path

    delete any sample or unused printers from CUPS/IPP addon

    Now when printing from chrome, select CUPS/IPP Printer, and away you go!

    Fow printing to a WIndows shared printer you can try this:

    UniPrint Mint Beta for Chromebooks - Chrome Web Store

    I have not tested it


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