Dual hdmi with rasberry pi 4b - audio only output

  • I have not had any luck searching for the answer to this question. I was wondering if its possible to use the 2 hdmi outputs on the new board to

    1. Send a video signal straight to the TV

    2. Send the audio signal to the AVR.

    I have older receivers and dont want to upgrade to 4k receivers. So I have been looking for a device like this. I also run my setup with the tv off for music only controlled remotely.

    I currently do not have this board but use the odroid c2. been trying to find the answer to this before I invest in this new board.

  • i went back to that thread to see if there was any progress. but it seems to be closed.

    has any more work been done on this?

  • Based on the previous answer, I'm pretty certain this won't be worked on until all (or most) PI4 bugs in existing fuctionality are worked out. I think it is a case of needing to be patient.