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    Sounds good. I fully understand that there are many other things to work on, so I don't expect a quick solution. In fact I dont' expect a solution at all - but if it arrives, it'll be great. Thanks.

    Hi All, new here...

    Anyway - the new Raspi has potential to solve one of my problems. My TV has one 4K HDMI input, but my reciever is 1080P only. Unfortunatly the TV will only send stereo back down the ARC if the source is external. So I need a way of getting passthrough audio to the reciever.

    Will it be possible to use the second HDMI to output the audio (with or without 1080P or lower video) while sending the full 4K video to the TV on the other HDMI?

    If so, that would be great. Thanks for any help.