Some LIRC functions are broken on MCE remote

  • On the RPi 3 platform, I found a couple of keys which did not work correctly on my MCE remote (model RC-1). So I created a custom key table by copying '/usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps/rc6_mce' to '/storage/.config/rc_keymaps'. My transceiver is detected as follows:

    # ir-keytable

    Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event4) with:

    Name: Media Center Ed. eHome Infrared Remote Transceiver (1784:0006)

    Driver: mceusb, table: rc-rc6-mce

    lirc device: /dev/lirc0

    Supported protocols: lirc rc-5 rc-5-sz jvc sony nec sanyo mce_kbd rc-6 sharp xmp imon rc-mm

    Enabled protocols: lirc nec rc-6

    bus: 3, vendor/product: 1784:0006, version: 0x0100

    Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms

    For some reason I cant understand, on this remote the LibreELEC default WINDOWS key assignment:

    0x800f040d KEY_MEDIA

    ...performs the same function as the BACK button. For example, if I am in Kodi "Videos/Add-ons", the BACK key and WINDOWS key do the same thing. As MCE remotes already have dedicated keys for each type of media, and all of my RF remotes have a HOME key which invokes the main menu on LibreELEC, I believe the WINDOWS key should do the same on an MCE remote - so I assigned it like this:

    0x800f040d KEY_HOME

    However, it still behaves the same way -- as the back key. So I changed KEY_HOME to KEY_VOLUMEUP, and that works. I then assigned it to KEY_EPG, and this works too. But it appears that KEY_HOME and KEY_MEDIA do the same thing in LIRC (which is to navigate back). Looks like a bug to me.

    The BACK key on this remote is assigned by default as follows:

    0x800f0423 KEY_EXIT

    And it does work - but just for the sake of clarity, I thought the key should be explicitly assigned to the back function, like this:

    0x800f0423 KEY_BACK

    So I tested it, and the key performs the back function with both. (Not that it matters in this case, since the key already does what it should - but its here for the sake of documentation.)

    On my remote the MORE INFO key :

    0x800f040f KEY_INFO

    currently displays the add-on properties window, instead of displaying the context menu (meaning: there is no way to raise the context menu -- at least on my model). So I thought this key should be reassigned as follows:

    0x800f040f KEY_MENU

    I tested this, and it works correctly -- so I now have a working CONTEXT MENU button, just like my RF remotes that function correctly in LibreELEC. From reading the documentation here...

    Infrared Remotes [] appears to me that all of the MCE remotes are assigned the same default keytable on LibreELEC -- so if they all function the same way, with respect to the MORE INFO key, I believe this particular change should be published for everyone.

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