Raspberry PI 4B Questions. Does it have CEC HDMI and whats the diff. btw. 4 and 4B?

  • 1) I'm pretty sure it does - similar to other versions of RPi and LE.

    2) No difference. The "B" is just the form factor. If there is a smaller RPi4, later on, then it will be a RPi4A (eg. RPi3A+ and RPi3B+) See Here for a image of difference models.

    3) Yes that's the model.

    4) For normal Kodi use then 1G is fine. For 4K video and other addons - like tvheadend, docker etc then go for 2G. If you can spare an extra $10 then go for 4G as you should be able to run anything.

    Personally the 2G is the version I would go for,