[SOLVED] LibreELEC 9.0.2 x86_64 - KODI continuously crashing and starting in Safe Mode

  • Greetings.

    I came home from work today to find my LibreELEC 9.0.2 x86_64 running in safe mode. It looks like KODI is crashing and restarting. I rebooted the server to see if would boot normally. Kodi would start successfully, and then crash and restart. After a few crashes, LibreELEC would start in safe mode again.

    I tried to pull a CORE file referenced in the CRASH log, but it appears that they were cleared out.

    Hardware specs:





    Here is the Stack Trace from the first Crash Log of the evening.


    Here is the Kodi.log for the 8 hours before the first crash.


    Could not fit entire Kodi.log into single hastebin post, so I had to split it into two parts.

    Part 1 - hastebin

    Part 2 - hastebin

    Full Log Archive attached to ticket in case needed for more detailed analysis.


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  • I am seeing the same thing on my Intel NUC. It started a couple of hours ago. I haven't done any troubleshooting yet but it's been rock solid and never booted into safe mode until now. I had the same behavior, multiple reboots and then boot into safe mode. At a causal glance I see where some add-ons automatically updated today. I'll watch this thread and see what comes of this before doing anything else.

  • I just disabled my HDHomeRun PVR addon, and that seems to have stabilized things. I downloaded a newer version of the PVR addon, installed it and re-enabled it, and things still seem to be stable. The PVR addon update is from last month, so I'm not entirely sure if that was the problem.

    Where did you find information about addons getting updated?

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  • I am convinced the HDHomeRun PVR Addon is likely causing the issue because the reboots occur while the EPG is being updated as soon a Kodi comes up. How were you able to disable the addon because in Safe mode it isn't installed and thus is stable ? I am stuck in a loop where the reboots and Kodi restarts occur faster than I can do anything in normal mode.

    The 3 Addons which were automatically updated yesterday were:

    Universal Artist Scraper

    Universal Album Scraper

    The Movie Database

  • Ok, so I answered my own question. I found the kodi.FAILED folder. I deleted both the HDHomeRun addon and the unofficial HDHomeRun PVR addon and things stabilized. I reinstalled both one at a time and Kodi started crashing again once I installed the unofficial PVR client and it started processing the guide. I've placed a note in the HDHomerun foorum where the author closely monitors: Right now I am leaving the PVR client removed and things are stable.

  • My issue is resolved. I was behind 2 versions of the PVR addon running version 2.0.1 . The bug was fixed in 2.02:

    v2.0.2 (2019.05.08)

    - Update SQLite database engine to version 3.28.0

    - Prevent multiple Kodi threads from simultaneously requesting EPG data

    - Prevent individually malformed EPG data request results from aborting all remaining requests

    - Fix bug that allowed extraneous EPG entries to be transferred to Kodi

    - Fix bug that prevented successfully setting channel visibility flags

    - Fix bug in database layer that could cause unhandled exceptions processing NULL column values

    I've updated to 2.03 and the issue is resolved.

  • How were you able to disable the addon because in Safe mode it isn't installed and thus is stable ? I am stuck in a loop where the reboots and Kodi restarts occur faster than I can do anything in normal mode.

    Upon one of the reboots into normal mode, I was able to quickly go to the PROGRAMS menu and disable the addon. I didn't think of deleting the actual files. I'll have to remember that for next time.

    I too was 2 version behind on the addon. I know the addon author had discussed the challenges of auto-updating the addon for Linux, but the possibility for the feature to be enabled in LibreELEC seemed promising.

    This is the second time this addon has caused KODI to crash.

  • I wasn't able to get to disabling the addon with the GUI. The Kodi crashes were happening too quick. Deleting the addon code files in safe mode via SSH was the cure. I had the same thing occurring on my Vero 4K+ units running OSMC. The same approach worked for them too.