Gemini Lake HD Audio dropouts problem

  • I am searching somebody to confirm my Gemini Lake problem with HD Audio. After latest 3-5 minutes i have a audio dropout for less then half a second and my AVR shortly shows no output and then comes back.

    It is just HD audio with over 2 MBit. As example i took Aquaman (2018) Bluray EAN 5051890317377, because there are 4x audio in german and english. 3 in HD (DTS-HD 5.1, TrueHD 7.1 with Atmos) and 1 Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 with Atmos. The 3 HD tracks have dropout on a Gemini Lake N4100 but they are fine on i3-8100 Coffe Lake. The DD+ 7.1 Atmos audio track plays fine (just seen the hole movie) on N4100. Also UHD 4k i did test and same result. All tested source are straight from the disc and just a remux, so no tinkering with audio or video.

    Tested the Beelink N41 on Windows 10 too and all audio is fine including HD.

    Tested on:

    - Beelink N41 6GB/128GB with Intel N4100 -> dropouts

    - Adloko GE41 4GB/64GB with Intel N4100 -> dropouts

    - Asrock B360-itx + i3-8100 DP 1.2 + Club 3D CAC-1080 -> no audio problem at all

    - Denon X4500H

    - LG 55E6D

    Tested with LE:

    - 9.0.2 Generic x86_64

    - build today 9.2 git branch + PR3559 + kernel 5.1.10 + Kodi Leia branch 0186c4b + my community build patches

    to try my build download libreelec-generic.x86_64-sky42-9.1.95-#190616.tar

    Can anybody confirm these audio dropouts on any Gemini Lake hardware?

    Kodi debug log for short playback with 2 dropouts

    Yes i know my keymap are not all OK and i should not use the GUI in 4k.

  • Can you reproduce this without AVR? I can check if there are any audio issues with Aquaman BD but my Gemini Lake system is connected directly to a TV.

  • Non can not reproduce without the TV, because the TV can not do HD Audio. So I did not try at all.

    It is not just Aquaman. I did try around 25 movies.

  • No confirmations so far, then i am out. I just send back the N4100 and ordered a RPi4 yesterday.

  • I know this is an old thread but I was curious if anyone else is using Gemini Lake hardware with LE. I am getting similar issues that sky42 experienced. I'm using LE 9.2.6. I have also tested on a develpment build by smp and same issue.

    If you don't use passthru audio then no issues however if you enable passthru audio then you get drop outs.

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