Tvheadend on Rk3399

  • has anyone succeeded to run tvh server on any build? I'm using Rk3399 box with Balbes150 build on it (as it has emmc install option) - the add-on installs correctly, but server wouldn't run. Any solution?

  • Hello,

    I had a similar problem.

    I am using Balbes150 Image on my NanoPC-T4 (RK3399).

    I was able to install TVH Server and it was running too, but the streams were unstable, jerky sound and crashes.

    So I installed a TVH server on my QNAP and use the TVH client under LE.

    This combination runs without any problems.


  • have figured out that the problem remains only with Balbes150 builds. However only those have the option of emmc install, which is necessary for me.

    Is there a solution with Balbes150 builds, or is there any other build providing "installtointernal" feature?

  • You can extract the shell scripts from the image of Balbes150 and customize them.

    Then copy the scrpts to LE via SCP and execute them there in a SSH Session.

    Unfortunately I haven't tested this yet. But it should work.