Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • A beginner's guide to GIT BISECT - The process of elimination | Metal Toad

    CEC issues are not easy to find and currently I have no time to even start working on one. Most of the time it also depends on the TV, which of course is not the same as my own. With bisection (tutorial above) you'll find exact commit which is responsible for the issue. This is time consuming due to image building and testing but more or less only hope.

    Hi, this is the result:

    4f456fe66851136b68ea7f203f1c842f190f3c5c is the first bad commit
    commit 4f456fe66851136b68ea7f203f1c842f190f3c5c
    Author: Jernej Skrabec <[email protected]>
    Date:   Sun Mar 8 08:26:06 2020 +0100
        Allwinner: Set ondemand as default cpufreq governor
    :040000 040000 d1e5297566c3a9e8902df570b4bd0ff86072cb2c 8b3cd12ce2553ef78aa16e8b8a933326b052c1cf M    projects

    Do you have any suggestion for the next step?



  • Can you try on another TV or monitor?

    I tried on 4 different TVs (at the same time checked 3 different HDMI cables)

    There seems to be a problem with the wrong EDID

    On the first TV, i can see only the boot, the start of services, until the start of the graphical shell.

    The second one is visible only from the moment the graphics start.

    On the third, nothing at all ... no sound, no image.

    On the fourth - I experimented all the time, the sound cracs on it .. and no picture.

  • syao I have slight idea why this might cause issue. Can you please make final check - checkout latest master and just revert this commit. If CEC still works, you or me can open PR with this commit reverted. Thank you very much for digging into it.

    EDIT: sorry, googling aswered my question

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    Vadim_0632 just to be sure, this is from TV or monitor which doesn't show image at all? It is 1080p display? If both of the answers are yes, then there are probably some troubles with HDMI driver. In the past, H6 boards didn't work well with my PC monitor (1080p) but now I can't reproduce it anymore. Anyway, if I'll have any idea, I'll let you know.

  • all the devices on which I checked are TV.

    logs that I sent, with TV LG 32LV3700-ZC (EDID info: Digital display Maximum image size: 16 cm x 9 cm - lol! ;)) )

    i checked another tv .... a very old tv LG 32LC51 works fine! (resolution 1366x768)

  • syao I have slight idea why this might cause issue. Can you please make final check - checkout latest master and just revert this commit. If CEC still works, you or me can open PR with this commit reverted. Thank you very much for digging into it.

    jernej I can confirm that reverting commit 4f456fe668 CEC is ok also with latest master

    I submitted a PR Revert "Allwinner: Set ondemand as default cpufreq governor" by christian-0s · Pull Request #4294 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

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  • I wanted to ask how the performance (mainly interesting is the menu navigation and loading times) for Allwinner H3 (for example Orange Pi PC) and H5 (e.g. Orange Pi PC 2) devices is compared to a Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi 3.

    From the specs they look a like and all have 4 cores and 1 gig of ram. But can someone who has both or more devices give a statement?

    I know this images here are not ready yet and will just ship with LE 10. But if you look the prices for this oranges they are almost half the price as the raspberries and also have some extras (ir receiver, a button - useful? I don't know!)...


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  • Last time I checked it worked perfectly for me on OrangePi Plus 2E. Anyway, your issue seems like issue in DRM driver and not in VPU driver. VPU in both cases (downscaled or not) outputs same image, but DRM driver is responsible for downscaling and outputting it on HDMI. Can you make a photo of issue?

    I found my issue. I try to play 10bit 4k H.265 on my OrangePi Plus 2E which is not supported.

    My filenames were just wrong and I did not check them with another program.

    Thank you very much for your response.

  • I disconnected the 15 and 16 pin of the HDMI connector.

    these are SDA and SCL signals

    I2C bus via which EDID is transmitted

    Now the board does not know which display, and it uses standard resolutions of 640x480 800x600 1024x768.

    Now the image is from the beginning of the download, the picture is normal. I change resolution, all avalable(standart) resolutions good work.

    But there is no sound.

    As far as I understand, the board thinks that it is connected to a simple monitor, without speakers and the sound is not transmitted to HDMI.

    Now it’s clear why the image appeared on the screen when I replaced the dbd file. I think the i2c bus stopped working .. and the board started up in standard resolution ...

    all this is very sad...

  • I prepared test image for OrangePi Lite2. If responses are positive, I'll merge it upstream.

    Image: LibreELEC-H6.arm-9.80-devel-20200404212626-7a86df9-orangepi-lite2.img.gz

    Great job!

    I put this test image into operation and I have a very positive experience.

    This works better than previous Archi's versions.

    In particular, WiFi is now much more reliable.

    I tried video, radio, TV (Simple IPTV client) and YouTube.

    Everything works smoothly.

    The only problem occurred when I paired the Sony BD remote (bluetooth). Then there was a crash. But since then everything is OK.

    However, you have to consider that I am a beginner in the LibreELEC area.

  • Is there a list of compatible USB Wifi adaptors.

    I have a Beelink X2 and the lack of Wifi is killing me as i cannot use wired.

    I have TL-WN322G V2 USB, is there a chance i caould somehow use it ?