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    CEC-adapter (firmware 4.0.7) not workong on OrangePi Plus.

    Libreelec Version: LibreELEC-H3.arm-10.0-nightly-20210705-3010e06-orangepi-plus.img

    TV: Panasonic Viera PR50ST50

    CEC firmware 4.0.4 on Llibreelec 9.20 working fine with this hardware

    Similar problem with my Samsung UE55ES7000, CEC 4.0.7 working fine on build LibreELEC-H3.arm-10.0-devel-20210602200859-28b3660.tar (working fine at least until you turn off the TV) while LibreELEC-H3.arm-10.0-nightly-20210809-beaa0c7-orangepi-2.img.gz does not work at all

    I have a problem at CEC. Whenever I turn off the TV with libreelec in operation (by kodi or manually), after turning the TV on again, the CEC does not work anymore, it only works again after a reboot. Is there a way to fix this? I configured the CEC to turn off the TV when I activate the screen saver, and to turn it on when I turn it off, when the TV turns on, I no longer have the CEC working.

    I have the same problem, my TV is a Samsung UE55ES7000. As a workaround I power my orange pi 2 from TV's usb port, so it turns on together with the TV and CEC works.


    I Can take the risk, but not pushing you.

    I would like to figure out why the new version does not work. Probably the fact the CEC has been changed to HW fro SW as jernej said.

    Ill wait for him as he will test on same board soon.

    If you can point me to some guide how to compile i might do setup and try( just curiosity as ive never done that before).

    Feel free to try it: LibreELEC-A64.arm-9.80-devel-20210309182253-b8ebd16-pine64-plus.img.gz (not tested as I only have an H3 board)

    As per image building, the hardest part for me has been learn how to interact with container, the rest is pretty straightforward: pull official docker image of ubuntu 18.04, install required packages, clone repo and build.

    EDIT: if you want to find when it stopped working, after you learn how to build an image you can have a lot of fun with bisect :D

    Thank you. I can't build atm.

    I don't even know how to 😀 and don't even have any setup atm for that. Where are the 10 sources?

    So looks like waiting for a release which has working CEC.


    Tried the new nightly 05. Same no CEC.

    I could try to build one for you, I still have the docker setup I used before, but then you'd have to trust me to not put any malicious software in it. Let me know if you are eager to take the risk ^^

    I had a similar problem almost a year ago, see RE: Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

    AFAIK old images are deleted, but you can still rebuild from source

    syao I have slight idea why this might cause issue. Can you please make final check - checkout latest master and just revert this commit. If CEC still works, you or me can open PR with this commit reverted. Thank you very much for digging into it.

    jernej I can confirm that reverting commit 4f456fe668 CEC is ok also with latest master

    I submitted a PR Revert "Allwinner: Set ondemand as default cpufreq governor" by christian-0s · Pull Request #4294 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    A beginner's guide to GIT BISECT - The process of elimination | Metal Toad

    CEC issues are not easy to find and currently I have no time to even start working on one. Most of the time it also depends on the TV, which of course is not the same as my own. With bisection (tutorial above) you'll find exact commit which is responsible for the issue. This is time consuming due to image building and testing but more or less only hope.

    Hi, this is the result:

    4f456fe66851136b68ea7f203f1c842f190f3c5c is the first bad commit
    commit 4f456fe66851136b68ea7f203f1c842f190f3c5c
    Author: Jernej Skrabec <[email protected]>
    Date:   Sun Mar 8 08:26:06 2020 +0100
        Allwinner: Set ondemand as default cpufreq governor
    :040000 040000 d1e5297566c3a9e8902df570b4bd0ff86072cb2c 8b3cd12ce2553ef78aa16e8b8a933326b052c1cf M    projects

    Do you have any suggestion for the next step?



    syao Sorry, but I can't help you with CEC. There are no changes in Allwinner project regarding CEC since 3rd March. Maybe you can do a bisection? I don't have much time for LE ATM, except responding on the forum.

    Sorry jernej but don't get what you mean with bisection. Anyway, I tried to update nightly 20200304 (CEC was working fine) with latest tar file available (20200329) and CEC does not work anymore (affer a couple of key press TV warns me that anynet device has disconnected).

    From SSH then I stopped kodi and launched cec-client from command line: no problems, CEC is working fine, tried pressing some keys for about a minute and all events are shown in the debug log.

    Then I killed cec-client, restarted kodi and turned on logging for libCEC: again the problem is that after a couple key press events it disconnects. If then I search anynet devices from TV menu, sometimes I can reconnect but again it works only for a brief time.

    I couln't find any clue in debug log, anyway I'll post it in attachment.




    Hi Jernej.

    I noticed a problem with HDMI-CEC and my Samsung TV UE55ES7000 in nightly 2020-03-24, previous one I tried is not affected (2020-03-04). CEC service connects at startup, but after one or two action via TV remote, TV warns that Anynet device has disconnected and CEC does not work anymore until board reboot. After reboot behaviour is the same, only one or two actions are possible. Board is an Orange Pi 2 mini (same as Orange Pi 2 but without integrated wifi).

    Please let me know if you need further info on this.

    Thanks for the great work.



    That's because Orange Pi 2 uses an USB HUB to provide 4 ports, you should be able to use OTG port however. I'm not sure if the following workaround apply also to libreelec, but to make work an Armbian image for Orange Pi Lite on Orange Pi 2 I had to specify the right fdt file in armbianEnv.txt

    Hi everyone.

    Did anyone experienced ir remote responsiveness issues during video playback? I'm using libreelec on Orange Pi 2 mini board, with onboard IR receiver. No problems during Kodi UI navigation, but as soon as I start a video remote becomes almost unresponsive, and I have to press buttons several times to get a reaction. I tried raising nice to -15 for eventlircd and it seems to help a little, but not much.