AMD Athlon 200GE black screen

  • Just bought an AMD 200GE but with LibreElec 9.0,1 and 2 its not booting, using external GPU (GT 1030) it works. If i tried LibreElec 10 alpha test build LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 19.0) its working fine which is using kernel 5.1 so think its a kernel issue. Looking on the internet found a very similar problem 1663204 – kernel-4.19.12-301 fails to boot on AMD Athlon 200GE according to the post kernel 4.20 fixed the issue. What to do? Just wait until the kernel in LibreElec gets updated or is there a fix for it.

  • Certainly looks like a GPU issue. If it's new, then it's likely you *may* have to wait.

    With the latest 9.0.2, image. Can you prove the URL from

    dmesg | paste


    Please provide a full debug log.

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    2. Restart Kodi
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  • Tried starting with IGPU then put the GT1030 back in, boot the see if it made any log, but there is nothing.

    So cannot give any debug log. After The bios post, black screen.

    As reference tried Ubuntu with IGPU and that worked fine but is using newer kernel.

    With the GT1030 it boots fine and there is no errors.

    So is id likely i have to wait until the kernel in LibreElec gets a newer version.

  • Your hardware is just a tiny bit too new.

    But i anyway cant recommend the 200GE (nor the 220GE or the 240GE ). It have hyper threading enabled. This is a security issue now and for upcomming software.

    If you want a cheap replacement that would work out of the box with recent stable libreelec you can get a AMD A6-9500 (also AM4 socket).

    If you want to get a even better CPU then the 200GE that would work out of the box for a tiny bit more money then the 200GE, you can take a look into the 2200G .

  • Hi, I am also experiencing this issue.

    Would anyone be able to guess when the next release with an updated kernel would be available? I am not in a hurry, just trying to decide if it's worth the effort to roll my own Kodi appliance or wait for the next LibreELEC release.