Hardware to Run LibreELEC?

  • 4 Chromeboxes working great here.

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    Just got an HP chromebox to replace a Minix box and its soooooooo much better running LibreElec.
    Haven't had an issue and I'm updating Milhouse alphas almost every day, runs perfectly.

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  • Stable RPi2 B's on Samsung TV's (Anynet-/CEC, Samsung remote controls volume & navigation) HDHomeRun Prime (FiOS).

    ssh from Ubuntu for maintenance. Life is good...

  • Just buy a Wetek hub. Everything is already in the Box, no need to buy a case, remote, power plug, hdmi cable, SD card ...
    And it is much more powerful than a RPi3.


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  • I use a WeTek Hub, it does all I need it to do plus more (4k, audio passthrough etc) and it's not expensive. I used it to replace an ageing Intel build based on Zotac ZBOX.