Hardware advice

  • Hi!

    I am quite new in the topic Kodi/libreelec and in this forum. So please forgive me, if I am asking stupid question or asking at the wrong place and simply show me a place to get the right information or tell me the right subforum to better ask,

    My current state: I got a vdr based ReelBox in the past. Now I moved to a new house without a SAT infrastructure, only EtherNet everywhere and planned to replace this with a SatIP/maybe vdr or TVH/Kodi frontend solution. To play around and have a first idea about kodi, I've been using libreelec on a Raspi for some months now.

    The plan ist to stay with libreelec on ARM based devices like Raspi or these chinese 25€ android boxes at place like bedroom, cellar,...

    For the living room I'd like to have more like a media PC solution with a way to play audio CDs and DVDs or blueray.

    For this I need advice for a proper hardware. My impression is, the time of the media PCs in a living room suited housing is over. Everyone only seems to be keen on NUC PCs but for these I don't know of a solution with CD/DVD/Blueray drives.

    Any advice how to solve this? Are there still nice housings for maybe mini ITX boards with DVD/blueray slot?

    I don't need a DVB-card in the PC as I got a SAT/IP server device at the attic. Only important thing is a EtherNet port, a high quality audio output for radio/CD, HDMI output. What about remote control? On the RasPi I am currently using a Bluetooth keyboard but due to Linux issues this solution is not the best option currently (on Windows based system it is simply working).

    BTW: what about blueray? Is there a solution on Linux and/or Kodi systems?

    I hope, I did not forget about important things.....

    Thank you very much in advance for ideas of any kind.