Rockchip RK3530 announced for Q3 2019, 4x Cortex A55 + mali g52 gpu + gigabit ethernet

  • Of course it will be open-source.

    The main use of RK3588 is Linux support.

    It just depends which companies will release development boards based on it and send sample devices to developers.

    Don't expect cheap no name brands that only ship with Android to have any LE support.

    But it's still almost a year away.

    The S905X3 is a low cost device, RK3588 won't compete against it, rather against the S922 but the RK3399 performance is already a bit faster than the S922. I would rather say the RK3530 will compete against S905X2 & S905X3.

  • I was referring to the RK3530, the RK3588 will definitely be open sourced as it is designed for chromebooks.

    Since it's more powerful than the RK3328, it will also have Linux support.