Windows Virtual PC

  • Hallo, I'm a complete novice to Linux. I'm using a (dated) PC as a HTPC for almost 12Yrs now.

    I'm complete satisfied with my current HTPC, but due to the coming eol of win7 at the beginning of next year, I'm looking for another OS of course to test it first.

    I found this nice distro, " KODI ONLY" sound OK to me, especially because I'm allready using KODI under win7, also my hw is dated, no need for me to change it now. So I'm looking for a lightweighted OS.

    I don't want to watch TV when win10 is (forced) updating, so of course win10 is not an option for HTPC purpose.

    Win7 is provided with a VM (Windows virtual PC), so I'ld like to test this distro as a replacement of my current os. But this VM is only bootable via CD, USB/SD drives are not supported.

    Is there a possibility to boot this distro with a CD? Or is there another way to get it running under windows virtual PC? Or do I need another OS to be able to test a HTPC under virtual PC?

    Regards Hein

  • Not sure if this is for you. I ran Libreelec from a usb drive on my intel nuc. If you want to go back to windows remove the usb stick.

    I know you said that VM won't boot from usb, but does the pc bios support boot from usb?

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  • My PC supports boot from USB.

    I just wanted to test Libreelec under the ' Windows Virtual PC' . Unfortunately my Windows Virtual PC is not able to boot from USB. The VM is only able to boot from CD