Changelog for Rock64 nightly?!

  • Hello,

    sorry, I have to open a new topic, since noone gives there a offical (alive) develoment topic for the rock64 with changelogs?! I cant do testing when I dont know what to look for...I do all the updates usually.



  • we all know that the devs do this for passion, but a simple

    "yes guys i/we are aware of the problems that you are describing on the rockchip topics "

    or a "guys we do not support this board anymore"

    it is enough atleast for me.


  • Compare the commit number in your image to the one in the Github page to see commits newer than it or the ones included in the image. Eg. b090091bb921 That is your change-log.

    Commits · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    The daily images are all still using the old 4.4 kernel that is now discontinued since mainline v5.x kernel support is being worked on.

    Just some of the hundreds of mainline patches that will be tested and merged soon.

    WIP: Rockchip: add initial mainline support · Kwiboo/[email protected] · GitHub

    The kernel update from 4.4 to 5.0.7 alone already contains a few thousand changes.

    Some mainline kernel work being done on a daily basis.

    Rockchip SoC list - Patchwork

    With mainline support lots of things like 10-bit, HDR, interlaced playback, HD Audio have to be redone and for HDR, follow standards set by Intel code that have to be tested and still merged into mainline kernel. But if finished, everything will run a lot more stable and be better supported. All of this takes tremendous time and effect from several different developers.

    Several Rockchip devices are tested not just Rock64, there is no special support for one device.

  • Switchend to Odroid N2 and coreelec, sorry for libreelec developers, it is not compareable. I appreciate your work, but this time it didn't work out.

    Nearly everything is already working there.

    Will keep the rock64 for later libreelec releases when ready.

  • I have everything working there meanwhile. Didnt test multichannel PCM since the last few updates, but everything else works perfectly for me (N2)

  • forsajd the LPCM multichannel via receiver works flawlessely,

    the stutters in any kind of media contiinues that is the major problem

    meanwhile i bought the odroid N2

    like flyingernst said, will keep the rock64 board for later libreelec releases.

  • I have the N2 for two weeks and it is incredible. The developers fix all the kernel problems and everything works as expected (including HD audio passthrough). Meanwhile, they are updating the kernel to 5. It's a good board :thumbup: