HEVC does not play in TVH client

  • Hello,

    I have computer PINE64 Rockchip 3328 with 4gb Ram with xbox tv tuner.

    Kodi release 20190417

    I have problem with playing DVB T2 czech republic HEVC(H265) in Tvheadend client with KODI. Video with hevc normal playing in other addon in KODI. And stream from Tvheadend in VLC(with computer) no problem.

    Other codecs play without problem in TVH client with KODI.

    HEVC problem only in TVH client, sound playing some seconds and picture dont play.

    new LOG file from KODI 18.04.2019


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  • LOG file from KODI

    That's no Kodi [debug] log. Same device, updated to same LE - TvHeadend client plays HEVC (German DVB-T2) for me. Do non-HEVC streams (h264) play for you? Check your setup. Post a Kodi debug log via hastebin

    While I'm probably not qualified to extract helpful information myself, maybe someone else around here is.

  • NEW DEBUG LOG hastebin

    yes, H264 in TVheadend client play normal(in DVB T), but In czech republic on dvb t2 is all in h265.

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  • Hi,

    using same Rock64, DVB-T2 Stick in Germany, which is h265 too.

    The Rock64 has its problems with h265 in general, watching TV and records in that "low" Resolution (not 4K) works usually.

    If someone needs to, I can make an pastebin while player, so the programmers can compare?!

    Might not be today

  • here is not much going forward, isn't it?

    Seems to me, I should sell the rock64 and swap it with a s912 with usb2lan adapter. I have very good results with amlogic912, but the onboard-LAN is limitted, so you may have problems with 4K Streaming via SMB