Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote Control (Noob) Help!

  • I've recently bought a Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote (see pics) after some of the comments on this forum.

    However, it came with no instructions and I'm stuck on the first hurdle. How do I enter Bluetooth pairing mode?

    Photo: eGo4lpF

    The remote I have has the button battery (CR2032), but I don't know what button combination to hold down.

    I'm trying to pair with a TV box, but also tested with my phone. The TV box can see my phone and my phone can see the TV box so Bluetooth is working.

    Can anyone help?

  • How do I enter Bluetooth pairing mode?

    Use Google xiaomi mi box remote pairing

  • I already came across these instructions and they didn't work for me which is why I asked.

    I should have said that the TV box isn't a Mi Box but a Tanix running Libre Elec.

    Anyway, it turns out the remote was a dud as I was sent an IR version and not a Bluetooth one.