Libreelec RPI+MCP2515 can

  • You either need to self-build an LE image with a new "can-utils" package that compiles the source code and places the resulting binaries into the squashfs SYSTEM image file. Or you could package it as a Kodi add-on that can be installed from an add-on repo (but still needs the source code to be pre-compiled). I'm less sure about the "hardbyte-python" content. It may be enough to simply copy the files to /storage. As a general rule "maker" projects will be easier with Raspbian as LE distro packaging requires everything to be pre-built and embedded; there is (deliberately) no apt-get or ability to compile and install things to the (read-only and no compile tools) squashfs files.

  • Compile []

    ^ this wiki guide tells you how to self-compile an LE image. It does not tell you how to create the extra code packages and compile those into the image. You have to figure out that part on your own because a step-by-step guide for your exact use-case does not exist.