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    docker pull openhorizon/mjpg-streamer-pi3:latest

    docker run --restart=always -it -d --privileged -p 8082:8080 openhorizon/mjpg-streamer-pi3 ./mjpg_streamer -o " -w ./www" -i " -x 640 -y 480 -fps 10 -ex night"


    LibreELEC 11

    CSI camera connected to RPI. How to add to MotionEye that works in Docker.

    Camera not showing up in libreelec system?

    addon Raspberry PI Tools installed


    boot=UUID=0607-1118 disk=UUID=dcad1c13-ae95-4d08-935d-befe971ffab6 quiet 


    Why do I want to use LE 9.2

    Kodi18 and not use LE 10 Kodi10.0:

    - several PI3s on the network at home

    - iptv simple client - works much faster, with multicast and HLS

    - addons flexget and transmission

    Hello. tell me how to add pictures to games, as it is done for movies.

    In the Home Menu, I select the GAMES category, add a folder with games.
    choose, play. Everything is fine.

    example game SONIC.nes, next to put SONIC.png
    well, or add another .nfo

    In Movies and TV shows, this is easy to do, but with games it doesn’t work. interested in adding manually, not room collection brouse?