LE Settings Addon Crashes

  • I've been doing a new installation based on LibreELEC 9.x RR latest nightly and I'm getting to a certain point with the addons I'm installing where some of them are causing LE settings to freeze up when scrolling down the menu past network, connections, bluetooth then services is blank and so are the all of the menu items scrolling back up. I can't exit out of the addon after this either.

    I think it's a conflict with one of the addons as on a fresh installation this will work ok and I cant replicate the issue. These are the last addon packages I installed before I noticed the addon not working again:













    I've tried disabling these and I can get it working again but it seems to stop again after enabling some or all of them. Trying to pin it down is proving tricky. Debug log

    I've also been having some problems with the backup and restore feature. Backup works ok. Restore appears to extract the tar to .restore folder however on restart it doesn't get restored.

  • I think your best bet is to install each addon one at a time until you encounter an error.

    As to the backup/restore can you create a new thread

  • I've been trying to test which addons it might be but now I can't recreate this issue.

    I have been seeing another issue related to LE settings and being unable to connect to a wifi network due to "invalid parameter" error appearing after pressing connect. More here. This was due to the service.bluetooth-audio addon conflicting so I'm wondering if this is behind all of the issues with LE settings addon and RPi networking components. CvH

  • Running on LibreELEC (5schatten)

    about addons pls have a look at the 5schatten build thread

    Thanks but it's not specific to his build. I've just tried on a millhouse nightly fresh install and it still occurs. debug log

    I'll try on the LE stable shortly but I'm guessing it's still going to happen...

  • The same situation is at both :) long story short, there are no addons yet from the latest master build. These are already done but currently a backup is running and this takes a while before the new one are avaible.

  • I had this issue ever since installing LE 9.0.0 and an update to 9.0.1 didn't help either.

    I can confirm that disabling the Bluetooth Audio Device Changer service add-on fixes it.

  • Montellese, I want to thank you for keeping me from throwing a perfectly good Raspberry Pi 3 B+ out the window of a moving car. I was starting to really consider it with this issue. I went through the trouble of creating an account here specifically to thank you. I also want to let you know that my symptoms were even worse then a menu that kept disappearing. I had that symptom combined with the inability to connect to wireless networks. I would try to connect to them and receive an error popup about "invalid arguments" with no passkey prompt. eventually, the UI would freeze completely and I had to pull the plug. After removing the bluetooth audio device changer service add-on, I have access to the UI again. I don't remember installing this add-on so I presume it is pre-installed. Again, thank you so much! I only use it for my daughter in the car, but she is 2 years old so it was nice not having to hear Trolls, Moana or Elsa for a few days at least. ^^


  • Bluetooth Audio Device Changer service seems to cause the same problem on LE9.2 too.


    Update [11/Dec/2019]: I've since purchased a Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter (combo standard + LE) so the Pi's integrated Bluetooth is no longer used. The Bluetooth Audio Device Changer service is no longer causing any crashes in the LibreELEC settings tool, though it doesn't fix the reliability issues with sound not outputting after reconnecting a headset. (That's a separate issue though.)

    Not an advert, this is the adapter I purchased: Plugable USB-BT4LE USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


    Update [12/Dec/2019]: Hm never mind, I caused it to crash again today for the same reasons. It just seems like the add-on Bluetooth adapter is less likely to cause it.

    The crash happened as I went in the Bluetooth menu to reconnect to a headset I had previously used and switched off. (Went in the menu to use it again.)


    Adam Reece

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