Still on kernel 3.14 after updating to LE 9.0.1

  • I just updated my WeTek Play 2 to LE 9.0.1, but it still says my kernel is 3.14 and not 4.19. It shows that I have LE 9.0.1 and KODI 18.1, but for some reason my Linux version stayed the same. Is there something more I need to do other than the normal update process to get my kernel updated too?

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  • Ok, thanks for the reply. Anyone know if there are plans to move beyond 3.14 in the future for amlogic devices? I'm not finding much info about this subject.

  • There are balbes150 test images available in this forum if you want to have a play with 5.0 kernel images. For 1080p/8-bit/2.0 video things are super stable but 4k/10-bit and multi-channel audio development is still work in progress.