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    I have a 30 minute time out in the power savings settings. The option to switch between Suspend and Shutdown is dimmed out, but Shutdown is already selected. However, after 30 minutes my box doesn't shut down, it goes into suspend mode. The same thing happens if I press the power button on the remote, it goes into suspend instead of shutting down. I know LE is capable of shutting down the box, because I can go to the main menu an select "Power off system" from the shutdown options and it works as expected. I even tried enabling sleep.conf which disables the suspend function of the box. But with that enabled my box doesn't shutdown or suspend at all after the 30 minute time out is reached.

    All I want is for my box to shut down once the 30 minute threshold is reached. Does anyone know what's causing this issue or any ideas on how to fix it?

    I'm running the latest LibreELEC on a WeTek Play 2. Everything seems to be working, but after resuming from standby the remote doesn't work at all. If I restart Kodi (systemctl restart kodi) the remote works again until the next time the box wakes up from standby. When it's in standby mode the IR remote can wake it up, but once it resumes none of the buttons work (not even the power button.)

    I made a custom key table and rc_maps.cfg file by following this tutorial How to configure IR remote control. Everything works as expected until the box goes into standby. Once it wakes up the remote is completely unresponsive.

    Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?

    Is the FD628 service only for OpenELEC? I'm currently using the latest CoreELEC and I got the clock working on my Sunvell T95 using the T95m vfd.conf file, but none of the other icons light up. I tried to find the FD628 service, but it's not available. Is it possible to manually install this add-on for CoreELEC?

    After upgrading my WeTek Play 2 to LE 9.0.1 I started to notice some videos were stuttering after a few minutes of play. Then I noticed hardware decoding was inactive and my box was running at 82C due to the software decoding!

    First I thought it may caused by enabling sleep mode on the box, so I turned that off. But the problem is definitely still there and it seems to be random. If I play ~20 random HD videos there's a very high chance one of them will cause hardware decoding to become inactive. Once it becomes inactive it stays that way for all videos I play until I reboot the box.

    Is anyone else having an issue like this? Is there a way to disable software decoding completely? If hardware decoding is not on I want some kind of warning or the box to refuse software decoding. I'm trying to prevent my box from melting next time this happens. For now I'm downgrading back to LE 9.0 to see if that will help at all.

    I just updated my WeTek Play 2 to LE 9.0.1, but it still says my kernel is 3.14 and not 4.19. It shows that I have LE 9.0.1 and KODI 18.1, but for some reason my Linux version stayed the same. Is there something more I need to do other than the normal update process to get my kernel updated too?

    [edit] Sorry, I posted this in the wrong section and there's no option to move or delete my post. Maybe a mod could move it to the help section, thanks.

    [edit] In step 7 you said you select from the SD card, but there's no such file. My understanding is that any dummy .zip file will work, because it's only there to trick the box into rebooting into recovery mode. When I do this, it reboots into recovery mode and I get a message that says "Filesystem corruption has been detected!" and the that's it. Sorry, but this method does not work for my MXIII 1G/8G or 2G/8G boxes.

    I've been checking this thread and I hope someone finds a solution. I have two MXIII 4K boxes, 1G/8G (no BT) and 2G/8G (/w BT) and it would be great if I could get LE 9.0 working on them. Maybe I could finally get my IR remotes to work properly since they switched to ir-keytable on the latest release.

    I have LibreELEC v8.95.2 running on a WeTek Play 2 and I installed a few NES and SNES emulators. When I go to the Add-ons menu there's nothing new there and under Games => Add-ons there's nothing at all. When I do the Konami code nothing happens. If I do it on my mini keyboard a window pops up saying I don't have a PVR installed. If I do the code on my PS3 controller it looks like it's trying to open the System menu but quickly goes back to where it started. Is there something else I'm supposed to install or configure? My PS3 controller seemed to work as soon as I paired it to the box so I never configured it and I'm not sure how. How do I actually get the emulators started? What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the suggestions, but never really got to try that out because I was having all kinds of other problems. Every time I play a video there's a weird flicker/glitch for a few frames, and the same thing happens every time I seek in the video. It gets really annoying fast.

    When I pair my headphones there's weird random clicks even when nothing is playing. Audio on my BT headphones is completely out of sync on every video. I mean out of sync by seconds. The videos I tried have been played back hundreds of times without any issues. As soon as I switch back to stock firmware my headphones work perfectly and there's no weird glitches during video playback.

    I pretty much wasted hours fiddling with every "Expert" setting for audio and video with zero success. And this is happening on a WeTek Play 2, which is one of very few officially supported devices. Very disappointing. This thing is at version 8 going on 9, so I would expect it to be in a somewhat usable form by now. Seems more like v0.8b to me at this stage.

    Hi. I'm wondering if LibreELEC is able to auto connect bluetooth headphones on the latest version or if there's some way to get this functionality.

    I own multiple boxes (Beelink, Sunvell, WeTek Play 2) and they're all able to auto connect my bluetooth headphones when using their stock firmware. However, this feature isn't present on any version of LibreELEC, OpenELEC, or any other 3rd party OS/firmware.

    What I mean by "auto connect" is this: after I pair my headphones with the TV box I'm able to turn iton and the box automatically connects to it, it switches the current audio output to the headphones, then after turning the headphones off it automatically switches back to the original output.

    On LibreELEC none of that seems to happen automatically. I have to go through the menus and manually connect the headphones every time I turn it on, then I have to find the settings for the audio output and manually switch it to the headphones, then after turning off the headphones I have to go back into the settings again and manually change the audio output back to its original state.

    I need to be able to turn my headphones on and off multiple times each night without having to go through all those steps. Is there a way to get this functionality in LibreELEC?