Mobile hotspot not appearing in connections

  • Hi guys,

    Back on the Pi after a few years away from dabbling with them. Dug out a Pi Zero W I bought but never opened, installed libreelec and got it up and running no probs.

    However I use my mobile phone data for all internet usage and connect it to my PC in a dock via USB, then switch on the hotspot to let my tablet connect to it, which it does fine.

    The hotspot is not appearing in the connections tab of libreelec options. I've got it set to 2.4 on my phone as I know pi does't detect 5, and can see all my neighbours routers fine, just no sign of my mobile hotspot.

    What am I doing wrong? Any help much appreciated!

  • Try to turn off and on the wireless in LE then go to network. It should appear!

    That issue happened to me but when i turned off and on then I can see my hotspot.

  • Unfortunately not working for me. It only sees my neighbours wifi routers, and not my mobile hotspot. It's weird because my tablet is connected to the hotspot fine.

  • Make sure the hotspot is running on channels 1-11 else (without configuration to set wireless regulatory domain) it won't be able to see 12-14.

  • Ah that's perhaps the issue. However my poco f1 phone running latest android doesn't seem to have channel switching in the hotspot settings. Do I have to root to access it?