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    I want to show RSS feed link on the main screen, I am using transparency skin folder I saw this in Home.xml file :

                <include condition="system.getbool(lookandfeel.enablerssfeeds)">RSS</include>

    but don't know how to show it on Home screen?


    I enable it from skin interface but I can't change it from RssFeeds.xml file under useraddon folder!

    I add rss feed link but didn't take effect with me!

    Hi Guys,

    I bought a TV and connect it with LE mini pc (

    LibreELEC (official): 9.2.2 (Generic.x86_64))

    and I didn't get the sound with these error in the log:

    with Samsung TV is working but with Chinese TV not working and I changed with the audio source all options but no luck!

    Kodi on the Nvidia Shield's Android runs fine for me.

    No idea why you would want LibreELEC on it instead. :)

    Yeah I think it's enough! Actually i like Kodi in Android better than in HTPC :D Streaming and video is more stable I noticed that in x96 mini with 2G RAM the performance is better than BeeLink Pro 4GB RAM!