Update to LE9 from 8.2.5 on WeTek Play 2

  • Hello LibreELEC forum,

    I attempted to update to LE 9 a few days after its release via LibreELEC Configuation on LE 8.2.5 on my WeTek Play 2 (Automatic Updates set to manual in System/Updates). The tar file downloaded but the update was not successful — on restart the Play 2 would freeze after the initial LibreELEC splashscreen. I could not access the box via ftp or samba share so I could not collect any logs for errors caused by the update. I then reinstalled 8.2.5 via SD Card Creator app and all is well again. I'm not going to update to LE 9 until I hear more.

    System is installed on SD card, not internal NAND. Version 8.2.5 has been very stable and past updates from LE7 to LE8 (also via LibreELEC Configuration) have worked without any issue. Out of curiosity about the stability of 9.0.0, I installed LE9 on a Pi Zero and it was fine.

    Have others experienced the same issue on the Play 2?

    Thank you,