LibreElec OVA on VMware Workstation 15.0.2 network issues

  • I try to run libreelec-generic.x86_64-9.1-nightly-x.ova on VMware workstation 15.0.2.

    Default I can't get any connection, there's one bridged lan adapter installed.

    When I add an second lan adapter in nat mode, this one works, when making an ssh to the nat ip, I see only 1 networkadapter. I checked both adapaters are connected in the VMware GUI.

    I can remove the first bridged adapter, the second NAT nic keeps working. I can also change it to bridged.

    For some reason only Network adapter 2 works for Libreelec ?

  • I'm unable to reproduce on Fusion 11.0.2, the 9.0.1 ova just works as normal/expected.

  • The same problem occurs with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0.1.ova.

    I can can make it work by adding a second network adapter but for some weird reason the first adapter is not detected by LibreELEC.

    Running VMware® Workstation 15 Pro 15.0.2 build-10952284, no problems with other Windows and Linux vm's.