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    I added a couple of fixes, the new version has been uploaded to GitHub, it is available on the releases page. (9.2.6-20210209)

    I tried a few previous M8 audio configurations, but none of them changed the situation, only Analog and S/PDIF options are displayed in the ALSA list.

    I tried passthrough on M8S+ with basic settings, and my TV recognized Dolby AC3 correctly, but I couldn't try DTS because unfortunately it is not supported on the LG OLED TV.

    Another question: What kind of S805 device do you have? Maybe an MXQ-HD18Q (a.k.a. "all black" with 1GB of RAM) or an MXQ-m201d (512MB)?

    You're right it does pass through ac3 and dts, I can't select anything for pass through, only the spdif lists (which makes sense). But hence I can't select the newer ACC and DTS-HD formats. No worries, this M8S+ is from a friend and he only has an DTS capable receiver, not the newer formats.

    My S805 is a M8S. About your 9.02 builds for both M8S and M8S+, they do freeze quite often. Not sure yet when, looks also stopping/starting video related. For the M8S+ the 9.2 build does a better job.

    I reinstalled the 9.2 version. Installed the Dumpert addon and played 2 video's. The first one worked, the second one froze kodi.

    It seems to have problems stopping video's and starting a new one.

    Maybe problems are Youtube related, I experience similar problems on a S805 device and your latest image. When I stop a video the box hangs itself.

    I want to run Librespot on a Amlogic S905X box, but it doesn't work. On my other S905W it works fine.

    The S905X uses Alsa audio instead of Pulse, but there's no alsa support in the current amlogic version 'Invalid backend' ?

    Can you please build a version to test alsa on a Amlogic S905x ?



    I try to run libreelec-generic.x86_64-9.1-nightly-x.ova on VMware workstation 15.0.2.

    Default I can't get any connection, there's one bridged lan adapter installed.

    When I add an second lan adapter in nat mode, this one works, when making an ssh to the nat ip, I see only 1 networkadapter. I checked both adapaters are connected in the VMware GUI.

    I can remove the first bridged adapter, the second NAT nic keeps working. I can also change it to bridged.

    For some reason only Network adapter 2 works for Libreelec ?

    How do I boot my GTMedia GTC from sdcard ?

    I see 4 solder pads in a square on the bottom of the pcb. It looks like a switch can be mounted there. It's labeled 6SW1.

    Is this the switch which resides behind the jack plug on a lot of 905 boxes ?

    I soldered a little microswitch on the back of the pcb on the place labeled 6SW1. It works, I can boot from SD now !

    I don't use Samba shares myself, but I'm pretty sure I have read here (numerous times) that the newer builds require a Samba password.

    If you are not using Samba passwords then the obvious fix would seem to be to start doing so (or use a different method of file access by your media box)

    Ok, but as you can see mounts can be made to a windows10 machine without the need of a password. As I interpret this, it's a limitation in Kodi, the way it does the mounting stuff. It has nothing to do with samba versions, because the mounts do work if you make them at Linux level.

    It's also strange smb browsing doesn't work at all in the 8.2 LE. In the older version, I could simply browse my network and every samba share (both windows and unix like) would pop up, and I could add them to my list like that.

    I can make mounts to my Linux server and Dreamboxes without any problem. Only Windows 10 does not work.

    I also played with the maximum smb version setting, it doesn't make any difference.

    ps. an account with password also fixes the problem, but I still can't browse for smb shares.

    I use advanced sharing in Windows 10, I just added an account called kodi with password with read only access to my share permissions.

    Since 8.2 smb mounts to my windows10 machine won't work anymore.

    I also can't browse smb, it only gives ..

    With the 8.0 version I didn't have any problems.

    Funny part is, doing manual mounts, all works fine (password less account) .

    As workarround I created a /storage/.config/ file