LE 9.0 Odroid C2 Audio issues

  • Hello, I've got some issues with mp2 audio and ac3 from IPTV stream.

    LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.arm-9.0.0.img.gz installed.

    Odroid C2 connected with HDMI to Yamaha RX-V565 receiver.

    Audio device is "ALSA:AML-M8AUDIO, HDMI"

    Passthrough mode is enabled for all formats.

    Stereo upmix is disabled.

    There are issues with IPTV stream.

    1. No sound for mp2 (workaround - enable stereo upmix, got PCM in that case)
    2. No passthrough for ac3, stream is converted to PCM.

    Log file: Odroid C2 Leia audio bug - Pastebin.com

    In the log: stream started at 21:31:21.644 T:4087980048 with ac3 sound, got 5.1 PCM, switched to mp2 - no sound, switched to another mp2 - no sound, switched back to ac3 - got PCM

    There are no issues with LE 8.2 and LE 9.0 on Raspberry Pi 2.

    Reports from others can be find in the thread

    PS. I can provide .ts sample to reproduce issue #1, #2 can only reproduced on network stream

  • Similar issue, same setup (Odroid C2, latest LibreELEC), except that in my case I'm having problems specifically with aac/mp4 files.

    Aac/mp4 videos play without sound. Aac/mp4 audio files (music) play without sound.

    Other formats, stereo or not, work fine.

    Anyway, so far, I've found 3 workarounds, but none of them is ideal.

    1-Play everything through the default/analog output. This doesn't affect passthrough signals, but plays music files through Odroid's DAC, which sounds considerably worse than my AVR's DAC.

    2-Enable "stereo upmix". This makes aac/mp4 play, but will upmix everything that doesn't passthrough, including my music files. Far from ideal, in fact, I'm yet to find any upmixing process that sounds good.

    3-Enable "stereo upmix", reduce number of channels to 2, enable "Dolby Digital Transcoding". When you reduce the number of channels to 2, a new option called "Enable Dolby Digital Transcoding" shows up under "Passtrough" settings. This allows video files encoded with aac/pm4 to be properly decoded by the AVR...Again, the downside is that music files are still processed by Kodi; They're not really upsampled, since there are just 2 channels selected, but are still being unpleasantly processed.

    To sum up, the problem boils down to playing music. Every one of the above workarounds "solves" the "video without sound" issue, specially option 3. However, in every one of them music quality is still being affected either by Odroid's DAC or Kodi internal processing.

    If you ask me, this is a bug.

    log: hastebin

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  • I have successfully used 'workaround #3'.

    This works fine for those I'm giving the units to, who just use their TV speakers for the audio output (the FOOLS !).

    They're not 'audiophile' types...