Possibility to pause IPTV without TVHEADEND

  • Hi all

    I have tried all possible solutions to get a good Kodi setup, even tried Android TV on a Xiaomi S3. But Kodi on LE is a much better experience than everything I have tested and wondering….

    it it possible to get Libreelec and a PVR addon with M3U support, like PVR IPTV Simple client, to get pause function ever? Or is it up to the addon to solve it?

  • Pause on IPTV is tricky, as the stream is being fed continuously. Theoretically an add-on could freeze the stream processing and buffer the stream until unpaused, but this would lead to all kind of problems, with running out of memory being just the first of them.

  • Yea, I know but there a alot of software doing this allready. You can have this on Kodi for Windows with an addon, you have the same thing if you use TVHEADEND server on Libreelec, you can do this on Android TV with a lot off IPTV software so why should it differ becuase of using Libreelec?

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