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    Yea, I know but there a alot of software doing this allready. You can have this on Kodi for Windows with an addon, you have the same thing if you use TVHEADEND server on Libreelec, you can do this on Android TV with a lot off IPTV software so why should it differ becuase of using Libreelec?

    Hi all

    I have tried all possible solutions to get a good Kodi setup, even tried Android TV on a Xiaomi S3. But Kodi on LE is a much better experience than everything I have tested and wondering….

    it it possible to get Libreelec and a PVR addon with M3U support, like PVR IPTV Simple client, to get pause function ever? Or is it up to the addon to solve it?


    I have a TV-server running Libreelec and Tvheadend server+Tvheadend HTSP client and suddenly I have problems showing all channels, only showing 1 channel. I tried to remove HTSP client and reinstalled it again but its the same problem. So the problem must be in the client. I have 2 more PI's clients running Libreelec to this server (with Tvheadend HTSP client) and they are working so there is no problem with the Tvheadend server.

    After reinstalling the Tvheadend HTSP client I noticed that the settings is still there. How can I remove all Tvheadend HTSP client settings from the 1st machine and start over?

    ok, here it is:


    <setting id="AVM_DEVICE" value="AVM_Repeater" />

    <setting id="AVM_ETH" value="eth0" />

    <setting id="AVM_IP1" value="" />

    <setting id="AVM_IP2" value="" />

    <setting id="AVM_IP3" value="" />

    <setting id="AVM_IP4" value="" />

    <setting id="AVM_ROUTER_FAKE_IP" value="" />

    <setting id="AVM_ROUTER_IP" value="" />

    <setting id="AVM_SATIP_SERVER" value="false" />

    <setting id="CUSTOM_ARGS" value="" />

    <setting id="CUSTOM_START" value="false" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG" value="false" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG_PATH" value="/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42/debug.txt" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG_TRACE_1" value="NONE" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG_TRACE_2" value="NONE" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG_TRACE_3" value="NONE" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG_TRACE_4" value="NONE" />

    <setting id="DEBUG_LOG_TRACE_5" value="NONE" />

    <setting id="NUM_ADAPTERS" value="1" />

    <setting id="PRELOAD_CAPMT_CA" value="false" />

    <setting id="REMOVE_MODULES" value="" />

    <setting id="WAIT_FOR_FEINIT" value="false" />

    <setting id="WORKAROUND_SLEEP" value="false" />

    <setting id="WORKAROUND_SLEEP_TIME" value="1" />

    <setting id="XMLTV_LOCATION_FILE" value="" />

    <setting id="XMLTV_LOCATION_SCRIPT" value="" />

    <setting id="XMLTV_LOCATION_WEB" value="" />

    <setting id="XMLTV_TYPE" value="WEB" />


    Strange, it looks like it using an old XMLsite, se_guide.xml. When I configured XMLTV I told it to use channels-sweden.xml. And that link cannot be found. Could it be that?

    And I dont have anything at Dont have that network.

    HI all

    I have been running Libreelec with TVHEADEND for 2 months now without change anything. Suddenly I dont have any EPG data, using internal XMLTV. When I Re-run the internal EPG grabbers button I get the following in the debug window:

    2019-01-12 08:25:36.623 spawn: Executing "/storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/tv_grab_file"

    2019-01-12 08:25:37.147 xmltv: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/tv_grab_file: htsmsg_xml_deserialize error Expected ' or " before attribute value

    2019-01-12 08:25:37.147 xmltv: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/tv_grab_file: grab returned no data

    Whats wrong?