Libreelec 9 Kodi 18 - Audio Passthrough settings missing

  • Hello,

    I just made a clean install of libreelec 9 with Kodi 18 and i no longer have passthrough audio.

    The settings are missing and you can not enable the feature.

    I have a WeTek Play 1 and it was working fine with version 8.2.5.

    My setup is as follows:

    * wetek via HDMI ---> TV

    * Sony DVD Player used as AMP via optical and HDMI ---> TV

    WIth this setup i could hear both the TV and the WeTek out of the surround speakers of the Sony DVD Player

    No changes made to the settings of the TV and also no changes in the cabling.

    If i can't resolve this issue i guess i will have to downgrade. Any help will be appreciated



  • I see a note in kodi wiki:

    Is this not your case?

    In version 8.2.5 as far as i remember audio pass-through was working even with "Sync Playback to Display" on.

    Now in version 9 does not make any difference weather you have the "Sync Playback to Display" on or off the audio pass-through settings are still missing.

    Start with providing a logfile

    I am at work right now and i can't navigate he menus to find the logfiles, can you please tell me how this is done so i do when i get back home ?

    Do you also need the logfiles from version 8.2.5 which was working fine to compare ? i can install the previous version on a spare SD Card.


  • Hello,

    I attach some pictures and the log files for both Libreelec 8 and 9.

    If you look at the pictures its obvious where the problem is Libreleec 8 defaults to Spdif and Libreelec 9 defaults to analogue.

    There is no simple way to change that from the menu but i am sure there is a relevant config file to change values manually.



    Thanks for your help