Popcorn hour Chameleon

  • Hi Guys,

    I bought this mediaplayer box a few years back, because it runs the much hyped Rockchip RK3228.

    There are builds of libbreelec available for the chip, but they are for the tinkerboard etc... .

    Is there a way I could create a build for my specific device and how do I make this build myself.

    Kind regards ^^

  • Hello,

    I also have an open hor chameleon and my processor is RK3288.

    I can start LibreElec above with RK3288 MiQi version on the microsd card, but I think I have a problem of ethernet driver, because the connection is very changeable (Works, does not work, etc ...)

    Is there a way to choose its ethernet card driver so that I do the compilation again?

  • You need to install the LibreElec image on the microsd card (not SD card)

    Which LibreElect image do you use? the Miqi?

  • I tried it with the SD Card because the original Android image is on this card. Ok I'll try it with a micro SD. Thanks.