System-tools - gnu screen freezes on LE9

  • Hi,

    After updating from Libreelec 8.2 to 9 I can't use screen (the terminal multiplexer) with ssh anymore because it freezes when launching a new session.

    Hardware is Odroid C2.

    When I launch screen, it freezes the terminal, the only responding input is Ctrl-Z to stop it, then I use screen -ls which shows me there is a dead session that I can wipe. I wipe it.

    Does anyone have this problem too ? How can I debug this ?

    Thank you for your help :)

    screen version is 4.06.02 (23-Oct-17)

  • Here is the strace output.

    We can see it is stuck in a pause() command.

    And there is lots of "No such file or directory" which is bad I think.

    If anyone can help, I would appreciate very much, thank you.

  • Maybe you have some old version of system tools addon installed where screen has such problems? You need version 9.0.111. Check that. Or remove system tools addon, refresh LibreELEC repozitory and install addon again.


  • Thank you vpeter for your help !

    I uninstalled locale and system tools, then rebooted, then installed system tools and now screen works !

    Then I reinstalled locale (I have problems with this addon too).

    Maybe some addons need to be installed from scratch and not just updated.....

    Problem solved anyway.

  • Great.

    But I think you didn't had latest addon which fixes this freeze issue. That's why reinstall work.

    When addon is updated old addon is first completely removed (only addon data is preserved) and then installed. Meaning that it basically completely reinstall itself.


  • You are right, screen has been fixed in version 9.0.110 and I had version 9.0.109.

    I had set up LE to notify me when addons updates are available, but never received such notifications.

    I now set up to automatically update addons.

  • I happened again and this time it was because of an addon that embedded its own screen binary.

    For information, here is what I did :

    LibreELEC:~ # which screen

    This is bad.

    So I removed this screen file. Then I checked :

    LibreELEC:~ # which screen

    Good, now screen works again !