Looking to purchase a slice

  • Five Ninja's ran a successful kickstarter and shipped product, but RPi2 appeared shortly after the CM(1) based slice appeared which reduced demand and I also have an impression the folks behind the company had crazy-busy day jobs so the venture didn't quite get the attention it needed to survive in the long-term. Last I heard Pimoroni retains a small spares stock to service customers, but otherwise Slice has come to an end. In the future LE will drop support for the dedicated image; it's not worth sustaining for the small number of users. Instead we will roll it into our normal Pi images.

  • Hi chewitt,

    Thanks for keeping the slice alive, its much appreciated!

    Instead we will roll it into our normal Pi images

    If Slice users in the future load a regular Pi image would there likely be any loss of functionality of the Slice specific hardware? e.g. analog sound/SPDIF or LED patterns etc. Or could these be in an addon that would keep the functionality?

    Cheers, Mattthew

  • The current Slice image is just our standard Raspberry Pi image with an extra overlay loaded via config.txt for ethernet, sound and the LEDs, plus the Kodi service add-on.