Hard disk ownership & permissions

  • Looks like i managed to corrupt an entire hard disk permissions. My fault.

    The disk happens to be the one with all my videos collection............

    Now, libreelec can read BUT not write

    It looks like the problem is with entire DISK, not some directories or just some files.

    I was trying via network (windows) to change permission, windows see libreelec ownership and have no authority to change permissions :


    So, i guess only chance is to make things right via SSH.

    I dont know much about SSH, only the basics.. so, any help is most welcomed

    thanks ....

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

  • Use "chown" to change ownership and "chmod" to change permissions .. assuming the disk is EXT4 formatted and supports Linux permissions.

  • thanks for reply

    I think the disk is NTFS, really not sure :S ( I was using it in windows 7 long tims ago, before i switch to libreelec)

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

  • I will do that


    Edit: looks like chmod is not working, ...so, remove + fix using windows should be the way...

    1. LibreELEC:~ # chown root /var/media/TERA
    2. chown: /var/media/TERA: Read-only file system
    3. LibreELEC:~ # chmod 777 /var/media/TERA
    4. chmod: /var/media/TERA: Read-only file system
    5. LibreELEC:~ # chmod 0777 /var/media/TERA
    6. chmod: /var/media/TERA: Read-only file system
    7. LibreELEC:~ #

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

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