JustBoomAmpHat issue in latest Libreelec 9

  • i am facing issue with detection ( is not seen in audio setting, only regular out put sources are seen) of Justboom amphat on my raspberrypi 3b

    it seems to have started after the last update. currently i have 8.95.3 and i am using justboom ir remote with ir sensor on pin 25.

    and when the justboom amphat is not detected the audio gets routed to hdmi. I have also put the amphat setting in config.txt file.

    i feel this has happened after update, earlier beta was working fine. I have installed volumio and moode audio to check if my justboom amphat was bad but it seems to work fine.


    if you need any logs please give me steps so i can provide them, i am a noob.

    thank you in advance for all the help

  • Please use the "Upload latest Kodi log" function in the LibreELEC settings addon and post the URL. See here for details Provide Log File [LibreELEC.wiki]

    It would also help if you could test with the previous LibreELEC beta releases and post which ones work. You can download them directly from one of the mirrors Mirrors [LibreELEC.wiki] - just download the LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.95.XXX.tar, copy it to the Update samba share and reboot.

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  • HI Hias

    http://ix.io/1yym is for beta build - LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-8.90.009.img. This build i was able to create the table for the justboom ir remote.

    Also i am able to have constant detection and able to use the justboom amp hat.

    http://ix.io/1yyx is for the beta 8.95.003. This build doesnt detect my JustBoom amphat. this is crash log and configs.

    Let me knkow if you need anything else to sort this mess of mine.

  • You have to remove the dtoverlay=gpio-ir line from your config.txt, keep only the second one which has gpio_pin=25. Actually it'd be better to remove gpio_pull as well (that'll activate a pull-down which works against the pull-up in the IR receiver) so you only have that gpio-ir line in config.txt

    1. dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=25

    With the two gpio-ir dtoverlays in config.txt you'll get 2 IR receiver devices and the one without gpio_pin defaults to GPIO 18 which is needed for I2S. Depending on the order in which modules are loaded (which is rather random) either the I2S driver or the gpio-ir reciever gets the pin and the other one fails. In your log gpio-ir "won" so the I2S driver "lost" and you got no soundcard.

    1. Jun 22 16:41:51 LibreELEC kernel: pinctrl-bcm2835 3f200000.gpio: pin gpio18 already requested by [email protected]; cannot claim for 3f203000.i2s

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  • Hi Hias,

    Thanks for the up update, I have made the changes that are suggested above and i am enjoying it. Sorry for a very late reply been busy with work.

    i want to know something that when i watch Netflix i see few many times the thermometer icon in the top right corner of my screen. Why.

  • Netflix is software decoded so it's quite CPU intensive and in general you need to install a heatsink to prevent overheating (the thermometer icon means the CPU is getting too hot).

    When using a soundcard/HAT you can use a GPIO stacking header to get more space between the RPi and the HAT so you have room for a heatsink. There are available eg from Pimoroni but I haven't tested these myself yet.

    I'm using the BGA-STD-065 heatsinks from ABL (about 28x28mm, 11mm height) here on my RPi3B+s with a Cirrus Logic audio card on top - that card has a larger GPIO header so it works without a stacking header.

    Netflix plays fine here in 720p without heat issues (I also have temp_soft_limit=70 in config.txt to keep the 3B+ running at 1400MHz at a bit higher temps - default is 60°C).

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  • Hi Hias,

    how are you, I have added a small heatsink but after may be 2 episodes the pi gets hot...

    Since i am using the JustBoom amp, and Justboom Case for the same there isnt much space to fit a fan.

    just saying ....if i could get a 3d case drawing if the Just boom case then it would be easier to get a extension done and 3d print it.

    I am enjoying my Netflix in India... on the Kodi raspberry pi setup...

    i had one question in mind... if i use Tinkerboard s, then would the Justboom amp hat still work the same with Kodi ...

    Also i wanted to know if there were any addons which would like like a nice music player UI such that i could play all songs from a album and a Equiliser.. i asked since when i play music directly from kodi , it doesnt sound as good as it does when played through Moode audio or Volumio..

    what do you sugguest if i just have Rpi and amphat and i want to use it for both music and kodi.



  • A small heatsink in combination with a case probably doesn't result in enough cooling as cases usually block airflow. You could try without the case, turning the RPi by 90° so that the GPIO connector is on the bottom can also help improving airflow (some time ago I did some tests and got 1-2°C lower temps with this setup).

    I don't think the RPi audio cards will work on the tinkerboard as it's missing the drivers for it.

    I'm using plain Kodi to play audio, in combination with Yatse on an android phone or tablet - this allows for easy remote control without having to turn on the TV.

    I can't complain with audio quality when using Kodi, I'm mainly using FLACs and audio output from Kodi is bit-perfect. IIRC most reports of Volumio or other audio distros sounding "better" boiled down to them having configured a higher output volume - compare the with amixer values, this should give you a hint if that's the case.

    AFAIK there are not "equalizer" addons for kodi, some time ago Kodi supported DSP addons but that was dropped as it wasn't working properly IIRC.

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  • I am facing some sort of crackling sound and then it’s followed by loud white noise.

    I am using amphat on rpi3b.
    This has happend on home screen and on Netflix add on. At random, and after restart it works fine. But will happen again.

    didn’t happen in 17