IQAudio DigiAmp+

  • Hi,

    i have some problems to get the IQAudio-DigiAmp+ to work on a Raspberry.

    I added the Overlay in config.txt and can select the Audio-Output

    but there is no sound on Playback.

    Is there somthing more configuration to do?



  • Hardware is a Raspberry 3B and I tried some versions of LE 8.2,5; 8.95.003

    also an OpenElec all with the same result.

    With Testimage from IQAudio the Hardware is working and sounds good.

  • Try removing the dtoverlay and use the latest LE version. Also try commenting out dtparam=audio=on in config.txt

    If that doesn't work, a lot more information will be required. See Here

  • Hi Iridium,

    when i remove the dtoverlay from config.txt then the IQAudio Device is not present in Audio settings.

    With the dtoverlay the Device is selectabel in Audio settings but no Sound when playing a file.

    Tried this with different versions of LE and also OE, all with the same result.

    There is no dtparam=audio=on in my config.txt to edit.

    What i have added to config.txt is this



    Here is the KODI.log


  • Thanks Hias,

    now its playing great.

    Reading the whole manual would be good idea next time,

    i directly jumped to the OpenElec part.