Crash while watching movie

  • I am having video crashing problems too with Krypton Alpha (Generic.x86_64-7.90.004.img.gz).

    When fastforwarding TS videos pressing stop/pause in 10-30% of the times the system freeze. Nothing works in UI. Only still picture on screen and after waiting about 10-30secs and the system crash and UI reboot. tvheadend is runnig well in the background all the time. The LE itself is does not boot, only UI.

    Any idea when LE beta1 will be out? Maybe that solves the case. I do not want to hassle with daily builds because there is a risk of losing tvheadend recording schedules (or is there?).

  • Hello,

    I tried with latest alpha of libreelec, with an clean installation from scratch.
    I still have the probem of libreelec completly freezing while watching certain movies only. For others, I don't get the problem.
    I'm attaching the log files as usually. I hope they contains anything useful.
    Well I'm desesperate.
    Now I get the problem while listening to music too.
    Here is another log file I got.
    Thank you.

    When crash happens, the libreelec host isn't even pingable anymore. I can' open any ssh session or whatever.
    What the hell can cause that ?

  • could you please try one of our alphas?

    Hello Davu,

    Well after many tests, I decided to switch back to Openelec latest stable version, and now everything is ok. I guess I will stay in this setup for a while now due to wife/children factor.
    Anyhow, if I was asked to test another version of librelec for debugging purpose, I'll give a try.


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  • Found that it's caused by this bug LibreELEC I'm not the only one that meets it.


    I used to use openelec with a NUC with no problem. I switched to libreelec and I keep on having problem I didn't meet before.
    Now when I watch a movie, libreelec crashes each time with no other solution but hard rebooting the NUC.
    I activated debug mode, and please find the zip log as an attachment.
    Can someone help me ?