Question regarding mkpkg

  • Hi,

    i tried to reintroduce a not supported package any more by libre elec by myself for private purpose. then i got the message that multiple urls are not supported anymore and i have to use mkpkg.

    do i have understand it right that mkpkg is out of scope from normal building of any package? mkpkg needs to be called extra for package preparation? Or is there a special syntax which will call mkpkg during building?

    thanks for clarification!

  • Yes, multiple urls are no longer supported by the LE build system.

    You've got two choices:

    1) Write a mkpkg script (see existing examples in tools/mkpkg) to create a single new source tarball containing the source code from both URLs, then create your new package so that it references the location of your new mkpkg'd tarball (which you need to host somewhere, so that it can be downloaded). If you decide to submit your new package to LibreELEC with a PR, make sure you include your mkpkg script and we can then host your package on our distribution server (your PKG_URL should then reference the DISTRO_SRC server location)

    2) Create two inter-dependent packages, rather than one package, so that each package downloads one tarball each. Inter-dependencies between the two packages should ensure they are built in the correct sequence. However sometimes this isn't always possible, hence #1.

  • understood. i am interested to re-include this one package in LE and would also PR this but due some discussions (if it is legal or not) in a PR to remove this package in the other project i doubt it will be re-included. in the mean time it was also removed in the last month frome the other project. If you dont know what i am talking about, this package is a helper for BD playback.

    any way. thanks for the info.

  • dreamer . I'm also unbeaten in this issue and i've drafted both mkpkg and necessary to build the program. At this stage they can't be shared for public use (i build ad bundled program, not an addon and makepkg uses absolute paths), but, at least for me, they work well.

    If you want i can send them via pm, so you can elaborate them to fit your needs

  • in the meantime i have managed it to seperate the two downloads in two depend to each others packages. i think this is the best way to avoid hosting binaries which are critical regarding legals. maybe this has the best chances to get included somewhere.

    creating one tar via mkpkg and hosting not owned code and legal problematic bins will never get to libreelec. maybe also the program we are talking about is already abused by libreelec and will already never land on libreelec.