Mysql database does not update going from Krypton to Leia

  • I am currently running 4 kodi boxes. Recently upgraded to Leia 8.95.002. Both the Chromebox and WEetek Play 2 keep the same databases MyMusic60.db 7 MyVideos107.db. However on two of the systems I had to use fresh installs and those systems use MyMusic72.db & MyVideos113.db. ( according to the offcial Kodi database chart is should be MyVideo116.db)

    In order to share the library I need all 4 systems to use the same databases.

    It appears the databases used in fresh Leia installs are different than those used in updating existing systems to Leia. Is there a way to force all the systems to use the same database versions?

    thanks in advance


  • Is there a way to force all the systems to use the same database versions?

    No. Functionality between the database and the Kodi application is fixed. The only way to do that is to have all your Kodi clients run the same Kodi version. Having different databases is something else than "doesn't update", though.

  • Sorry for the confusion: the LibreElec client databases did NOT update to newer versions after selecting the Version 9 channel and running the update from the settings manual. Although the systems updated to Leia 8.95.002 , they continue to use the same database version as they did while running Krypton 17.6. This was on 2 different clients, Wetek & Chromebox.

    All 4 clients were updated to Leia but 2 of the clients (both LibreElec ) continued to use the MyMusic60.db and MyVideos107.db.

    The fresh installs (Debian & CoreElec) use newer databases than the client upgraded to Leia using the menu options in the settings. In order to get all four clients using the same database versions I returned two of the Kodi clients to Krypton and now all 4 have the same database versions even though two clients (LibreElec) are running Leia and two are running Krypton. All four clients now use MyMusic60.db and MyVideos107.db which according to the official chart is the database version for Krypton. It seems to be related to LibreElec not updating the database versions whereas both Debian and CoreElec running Leia use newer databases.

    My guess this has to do with being a Release Candidate rather than regular LibreElec release. It's not a big thing having 2 clients with Leia and 2 with Krypton in order to have the same database versions, it just seemed odd as everyone always says all clients must be the same version to have the same version databases.

  • All 4 clients were updated to Leia but 2 of the clients (both LibreElec ) continued to use the MyMusic60.db and MyVideos107.db.

    Sorry, but that is not possible. If an uptodate MySQL database version is not readily available for a certain Kodi build or a previous MySQL database version cannot be upgraded for whatever reason, a Kodi client will fallback to its local database of the latest version, and not use a previous major MySQL database version. Kodi databases are simply not backwards-compatible. Double-check your kodi.log file for details, and provide it via pastebin if necessary.

    It is possible that LibreELEC 8.95.002 does not use MyVideos116 but 115 or 113 instead (it's sometimes hard to keep track of all changes between the various test builds), then you will temporarily need to use a nightly Milhouse LibreELEC build for using a compatible database. As long as Kodi is still in the development stages and Leia 18 is not yet finalized, people should be aware that differences can exist between the various test builds from different sources. As long as Kodi 18 is not "production-ready", aka 18 final is not yet released, jumping between test builds can have its challenges.

    LibreELEC has its own roadmap and build releases. Whatever Debian or CoreELEC are doing during the whole lead-up to Kodi final is up to them. I'm sure that LibreELEC 8.95.003 will use video database version 116 once it is out. Last-minute changes in the database schemas during the RC phase have been very uncommon anyway, and should have been avoided to begin with.

  • Not sure if i am understanding you properly but let me take a stab at it...

    Heres what i found from Leia and up.

    At home at any given times 8 or more different boxes running and pulling from a common database on my network storage racks which contain probably well over 3000 movies and tv shows and thousands of mp3's as well.

    With Leia i found the only way i could keep all the boxs (including new boxes i add as i test) it was important to maintain the same revision of Leia on all of them at the same time. When i set the whole thing up what i did was install mysqld as a service on a NAS drive and then took the running box on my benchtop and used it to populate the server database by letting it scan my media drives, after then i just included the appropriate entry's for each box to use the networks database.

    Since Leia what i have found from experience was that the only way i could keep all the boxes in sync with the main database was to make sure all the boxes had the same revision of Leia on all of them. that way they all use the 60 and 107 databases, otherwise some of them fall out of sync.

    And then while developing a new build i do it on my benchtop box and isolate it to its own local database until i know the build works right at which time i will update all the other boxes to the new build and then reinstall the new build on the test box only this time repoint it to the network database and let it pull those databases back to it... Now all my machines are once again on the same database and in sync till the next new firmware cycle is once again done.

    I have been building Kodi since old days what is was still xbmp and xbmc and not sure if this is a bug or not but from experience know that was the only way i can keep a bunch of boxes properly in sync and it seems to be more prevalent on Leia then it was on Krypton.

  • If you want to use an external DB all devices need to be using the same version of Kodi to ensure the DB versions are the same. Once Leia moves out of RC to full release the DB versions (which correspond to schema changes) shouldn't change often. In the Alpha/Beta period things get bumped more often. There have been quite a few changes recently to solve issues found in the music DB.

  • Thanks to all, we marked the thread solved. I understand the various beta releases can be at various states of development.

    We ended up switching two of our boxes, the Wetek Play 2 and the Mecool M8Spro+ to CoreElec and using Millhouse test releases on our ChomeBox and Chromebox3, these installations match our Debian Leia release using the latest official database versions 116 & 72 . It was the only way at the time to get all our clients with Leia releases using the same database version.

    I did not try the LibreElec beta release #3 , hope on waiting for the official release. Eventually we will have LibrElec on all but our Ubuntu desktop. I prefer LibreElec.