Nexcloud Docker addon - Data folder permissions

  • Got one more question to aptalca :) How do I get this running over http and port 80. Just typing http:// ?

    It's working for me with https:// but getting letsencrypt running is way over my linux abilities :D

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  • You need a webserver to do that redirection. Letsencrypt would be the ultimate way, but you can also do it with nginx.

  • One option is to add local share in /storage/.kodi/addons/docker.linuxserver.nextcloud/bin/docker.linuxserver.nextcloud

    -v /storage/downloads/test3:/test3 \

    and this folder has nobody:users permissions.

    And I added /test3 under External storages.

    vpeter just a heads up, I got a PR for the nextcloud addon awaiting review that will add a text field in the addon settings where you can add your line "-v /storage/downloads/test3:/test3" so no need to modify addon files and no need to worry about updates reverting your changes ;)

    add optional docker parameters to nextcloud for additional mount points by aptalca · Pull Request #47 · linuxserver/libreelec-addon-repo · GitHub

  • aptalca I need you help I'm afraid :(

    ‘filesystem_check_changes’ => 1, This option isn't working for me for some bloody reason and I'm after setting up everything like 10 times.

    I know there is other option to trigger files:scan with occ but can't get that as well :( can you write me a line I could put to the cron to scan files from time to time please ?

    My data and config is in /storage/NexT without subfolders.... Really pulling my hear on it three days in a row :/

    Thank you in advance.

  • I don't use nextcloud so I have no idea what that is. Ask on our discord or GitHub

  • I tried that but did not seem to be working earlier.

    Was getting an error when adding the external storage for the 2nd share, but all seems to now be up and running now