Odroid C2, Logitech Harmony 525 IR remote, Kodi Leia (current) - any tips?

  • So, I've found an old Harmony 525 remote I bought years ago. My Odroid C2 supposedly has an IR receiver built in. My Kodi (current Leia RC4) doesn't show any IR options at all, including LIRC support (deprecated anyway, AFAIK). I updated the remote using a "Kodi" profile from Logitech, but quite obviously this didn't do any difference and there is no reaction for keypresses... So does anyone know how do I make this all work together? All directions/links/ideas appreciated (I am on a sick leave and have two days to spare).

  • Try setting the Harmony remote as a "microsoft media player" remote. I believe LibreELEC has this remote setup/enabled by default.

    So nothing should be needed besides configuring the harmony remote.

    The information for setting a "microsoft media player" remote with the harmony/logitech software

    Manufacturer: Microsoft

    Device Model Number: A9O-00007

  • Hardkernel ODROID C2 is also in the Harmony database

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  • It was a succes at the first shot - the Microsoft Media Player (I used "Game Console with DVD" with the device model number above as cdu13a has provided) fired up flawlessly. Thank you! Now for the slight customization...