• Boots fine but no WiFi or Bluetooth.

    I'll try a few other builds again now I found how to use nocompat properly!

    Many thanks

  • Ok I understand this is a crypto-thread, but its the only sensible place to ask this question.

    I have an old S812 box running the 7.0.2 build posted at the start of this thread, but SMB is no longer working with my main Leia box server and my LAN port no longer seems to want to connect possibly after a failed upgrade corrupting the dtb (or its equivalent on these boxes).

    I have attempted to update to the various Krypton builds described in this thread - but they all seem to be configured to install from Android recovery. However they will not install from TWRP recovery which is how I flashed 7.0.2 originally.

    None of the linked .TAR update files are accepted when I place them into the update folder, pooping out with MD5 signature failure on the SYSTEM file. There really doesn't seem to be any pathway from an installed 7.0.2 build to a later build - without reverting back to the original Android ROM first.

    Boot from one of the Bables builds on a installed SD card enters a boot loop.

    Has anyone successful gone from LE7 to LE8 on one of these boxes, and if so how ?


  • So I went through this thread with a fine tooth comb looking for a build which might take me from LE 7 to LE 8.

    All of them produce a box that gets stuck on the boot screen or blank screens.

    I now feel fairly confident that the only version which has a chance to work on my box is the original LE 8 which was the companion to the LE 7.0.2 released in the first page of this thread. It's gone now from all the links so I can only ask, has anyone kept a copy on their harddrive that they can share. The form needed would be the update.zip, which is packaged to load via Android recovery or TWRP.



  • My box is one of the original BCM4335 M8S S812 boxes, with that as the only branding. I think its board version 4.

    These boxes don't have dtb's as they came before they were introduced and hence why it can be so difficult to find a working LE build. They have boot,img which do the same thing but make them less portable.

    Anyway I have good news as I got it working, I took the file LibreELEC_8.0.0-Begicj-M8S_S812_4335.zip (linked to in this thread) and extracted the file LibreELEC-S812.M8S.arm-8.0.0-update.zip from it. This file is an Android/TWRP format update file and TWRP was able to flash it without any issues. Its up and running and this has allowed me to update the TvHeadend client to a version compatible with my server.

    The only thing I am now stuck on is getting SMB to work with my Leia based server. Can't seem to get the M8S to accept SMB or Zero_config addresses. This is unlike my RP2 running KRYPTON which accepts ZeroConfig links.